Our Commitment

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Our Commitments

1. The quality of Plants and Movement of Water
We do not judge beauty based on only the surface.
From an oriental medicine point of view, if a human is compared to a tree, skin issues are symptoms that appear on the leaves or branches.
HerbEAU’s philosophy is to look at the trunk, the roots, as well as the earth surrounding the tree.
This is the reason why, we place an emphasis on the movement of water
and the power that it delivers to the entire plants that becomes ingredients in our products.
Receiving the energy of beauty from the plant (herb),
and delivering it to the entire body. For this to happen, water, (EAU), that is essential for dissolution as well as delivery, is indispensable. We at HerbEAU, believe this circulation is essential to the beauty in life.
2. The approach to microbiomes that are present on the skin.
HerbEAU has placed a focus the development of the balance of “Microbiomes,”
resident bacteria that exist in nature as well as our bodies.
As a child travels through it’s mother’s birth canal, the baby’s skin is covered in a veil of microbes, or microbiomes at birth.
These are the first microbes (microorganism) that we ever come in contact with.
As we grow into adults, adjusting to various situations and dealing with various types of stress,
we are able to best balance our particular strain of microbiomes.
These microbiomes are responsible for healthy skin.
When skin issues do arise, it is because the balance of the microbiomes has been disturbed.
Therefore, to take care of skin issues, it is necessary to take care of the balance of the microbiomes.
HerbEAU is committed to developing products with this approach in mind.
3.Placing an emphasis on the relationship between “feeling happy” and “beautiful skin.”
When you get your nails done, you feel better. When you fall in love, you become prettier.
There are plenty of people who have probably observed a bride becoming beautiful gradually as the day of her wedding approaches.
There is a intimate connection between being happy and beautiful skin.
HerbEAU values the feeling
that being happy allows for skin to glow even more.
In cosmeceuticals (doctor prescribed cosmetics) developed thusfar, fragrance and usage sensation to induce happiness were just an afterthought,
but HerbEAU has changed this.
Be enveloped with euphoria each time you care for your skin,
turn ON the “Switch to become beautiful,” and create skin that you can fall in love with at first sight.


Phytotherapy is a medical treatment practiced extensively in western culture that relies on plants and plant extracts. “Golden Ratio” is the most important knowledge in Phytotherapy. It has been discovered this golden ratio in plants has evolved and continues to do so through research on plants and their medical effectiveness. The aim of this therapy is to draw the natural healing power of the body to prevent and heal the disease.

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