Jewel Harvest Moon Line

Innovation, Scientific Technology, Ultimate Results.
" Jewel Harvest Moon "

Historically, Nagasaki was Japan's window to the rest of the world, and pleasantly reflects that foreign influence even today, especially in European and Chinese architecture.
HerbEAU focused on BIWA, which is most famous for its sweet, succulent fruit from Nagasaki. In English, these are most commonly known as "loquats".
This is a new area of focus in developing the most innovative ingredients and solving the most common skin problem with HerbEAU's cutting-edge technologies and latest dermatological technology.

BIWA is native to China and has been grown there for several millennia. It was taken to Nagasaki, Japan, a thousand years ago and is traditionally used as herbal medicine.
It is called “King tree of great medicine” , as it is the most effective medicine.

We went to harvest wild BIWA in a full moon.
Plants are strongly influenced by the rhythm of the Moon phases. Some say that their harvesting periods for herbs and crops should be adjusted to the phases of the Moon. In accordance with this belief, the leaves should be harvested when the Moon is full, while roots should be harvested when the Moon is new. To bring the best properties to our products, we are adjusting the harvesting period to align with the Moon phases.

Our mission is to educate people about the healing power of BIWA, and how to care for themselves with traditional Japanese medicine.
We studied hundreds of thousands of skin problems, and over the years, HerbEAU has mastered the science of innovation and created a product for today with tomorrow's technology.

The Power of Full-Moon
Key Ingredient


HerbEAU offers the most advanced, scientific approach to achieving dramatic results.
This is BIWA extract by process of unique method of extraction from Nagasaki, Japan, harvested in a full moon.
BIWA contains several chemical constituents, including the unsaturated fatty acid linolenic and linolenic acids.
HerbEAU has focused its research on plant micro-biome and discovered this is a breakthrough for sensitive and intolerant skin; LOQZIN® acts instantly and is long-lasting against inflammation.
It also promotes collagen synthesis and increases skin elasticity. LOQZIN® is fermentation metabolites from leaves, fruits and seeds of BIWA.

  • •Reduces inflammation by boosting gene expression.
  • •Reduces oxidative stress
  • •Stops the destruction of collagen by preventing glycation.
  • •Improves the appearance of dark spots, promotes even skin tone, and boosts radiance.
■ Water

Special unique "water" from Kyushu mountain.
Water is often the first item on a Quantitative Ingredients list. Water is the basis of life.
For thousands of years, "water", whether in the form of rain or rivers, has been highly valued and worshipped.
We believe it is necessary from the "water to choose".
HerbEAU uses water as one of the key ingredients in our skin care formulas.

Effects of Fragrance

Our original blend has been specially formulated 7 Essential oils.
It has high anti-inflammatory properties that help improve skin tone, firmness, and reduce swelling.
It can also support hormonal balance and provides deep relaxation.

Ylang-ylang essential oil, Orange essential oil, Grapefruit peel essential oil,
Geranium essential oil, Lavender essential oil, Palmarosa essential oil, Vetiver essential oil