The World of HerbEAU


Land of Danish Sciences and the tradition of cultivating medicinal herbs Research Lab in Nagasaki
The SSC (Shinohara Medical Skin Care Clinic). Nagasaki Prefecture’s largest facility of beauty and health care services, attached to Shinohara Dermatology Clinic, provides insurance covered care for general skin diseases as well as hyaluronic and botox injections, treatment of the skin using the latest medical laser machines, and providing a program for anti-aging, which effectively answers the needs of those who seek beauty aggressively.
Nagasaki is the traditional birthplace of studying Danish sciences, as well as cultivating medical herbs. From ancient times, medicines derived from plants have been well researched here.
Thomas Glover, of Glover Garden, came to Nagasaki accompanied with a pharmacist. This person is also known as Japan’s first ever pharmacist. There is a significance to the research in the place where there is a deep association with medicine, pharmacology and botany.


From where does the shining life force, that creates the true beauty in people, come from. Microbiomes strongly support beautiful skin and blood circulation, and help us in our thinking and willpower. We at HerbEAU have focused on this.
Human minds and bodies are nature in themselves. The atmosphere, earth, water, and plants…Microbiomes that exist in nature affect our minds and bodies, enabling us to create our individuality,
The SSC (Shinohara Medical Skincare Clinic), a comprehensive aging care center, based in Nagasaki, which is known for its study of orchids, and the cultivation of herbs and plants for medicinal usage, and produces HerbEAU products, which incorporate medicine, pharmaceutics and phytotheraphy, and also focus on the balance of microbiomes.
To bring out the individual’s beauty, and let them blossom.
This is our mission at HerbEAU.
*Microbiomes: Microorganisms that exist all over earth (soil, atmosphere, ocean, animals and plants). In humans, they exist on the epidermis (mouth, ears, nose, intestinal tract, skin, and reproductive organs); we are most familiar with intestinal bacteria. It is thought that these microbiomes control physiological functions while interacting with various cells in the body.


Products were co-developed by (Dr. Mistuhide Shinohara) and pharmacist (Mrs. Hisami Shinohara)