Basic Skincare Line

HerbEAU Basic Skincare Line formulated with Immortele and Argan oil that work better in synergy together

Most drying, sensitive skin is due to overuse of facial cleanser that is too strong and shouldn’t have been used in the skin.
To enhance the self-healing power in order to lead to an even higher level of skin regeneration. We finally found seeking Immortelle in the Mediterranean.
HerbEAU is focused on Immortelle, which is rich in active molecules offering unique anti-aging beauty results. Immortelle can achieve natural beauty and works on the anti-aging functions, reduces signs of aging by multiplying collagen production, improves microcirculation and fights against free radicals based on phytotherapy.



Immortelle is known as the everlasting flower: it never fades, even after it has been picked, Immortelle flowers take care of themselves.
Immortelle fascinates everyone with its amazing longevity. With the scientific name Helichrysum italicum, it has been used since ancient times, in varied forms. During the twentieth century, this plant, known as "beauty of the maquis," revealed amazing properties in phytotherapy, due to its golden flowers, in addition to its energizing qualities. Applied as a fragrant essential oil or cream, it was especially recognized for its effectiveness in healing bruises, cuts, and burns.
It contains so many benefits that make this wonderful plant, with almost 500 wild varieties, one of the most popular in the Mediterranean.
The first discovery of HerbEAU was that it can further enhance the effect of Immortelle in synergy, through a beautifying effect of the formulation and fragrance by the golden ratio.


HerbEAU uses only clinically proven
unique ingredients. Formulated with Immortele
and Argan oil that work better in synergy together.
We use Quillaja saponaria bark extract for Face wash,
which is also called “soapbark tree” and is gentle
enough for sensitive skin. Lotion & UV Cream
contain fullerenes as the most powerful ever known
antioxidants. Wecombined highly effective elements
with 12 key plants extracts to awaken and enhance
natural bioactivity of the skin.
Effects of Fragrance
Deep Relaxation for body and soul
Our original blend is specially formulated 7
Essential oil blends just for you.
One of the numerous benefits of our fragrance for
mature skin is that they help deliver nutrients.
A fusion of essential oils that clear the mind with
happiness and deeply relax your body.
Power of Phytotherapy
The Golden Ratio in Plants
Phytotherapy is a medical treatment practiced
extensively in western culture that relies on the
use of plants and plant extracts. The aim for this
therapy is to draw the natural healing power of the
body to prevent and heal the disease. Our products
are created with the most effective and advanced
technology needed for today’s modern lifestyle,
despite such changes.