THe World of HerbEAU

“Phytoceuticals,” combining functionality and softness.
HerbEAU cosmeceutical products are the result of doctors and pharmacists collaborating together.
Based on the traditional European healing method of phytotheraphy,
and prescriptions for advanced skin sciences,
Eastern medicinal thinking, and incorporating new research as well as the desire to challenge traditional thinking, we continue to develop new products.
HerbEAU is a phytoceutical skin care brand that has
been born out of the need to deal with skin issues.
The birthplace of HerbEAU is the SSC (Shinohara Medical Skin Care Clinic)
based in Omura City of Nagasaki Prefecture.
It is Nagasaki’s largest “Facility providing General Beauty and Health Aging Care”
since 200 - 300 patients visit on a daily basis.
HerbEAU is a brand that has been born out of to release everyone from their skin problems.